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tisdag, juli 04, 2006

  July 4, 1918 Independence Day | Winston S. Churchill, Speech | The Third Great Title-Deed - Anglo-American Liberties

U.S. Declaration of Independence 230 years [1776] Amerikanska självständighetsförklaringen 230 år

Liberty Day Meeting, Central Hall, Westminster

Fourth of July, 1918 Winston S. Churchill:

“The Third Great Title-Deed” of Anglo-American Liberties

"I move that the following resolution be cabled from the meeting as a greeting to the president and people of the United States of America:

'This meeting of the Anglo-Saxon Fellowship assembled in London on the 4th of July, 1918, send to the President and people of the United States their heartfelt greetings on the 142nd anniversary of the Declaration of American Independence. They rejoice that the love of liberty and justice on which the American nation was founded should in the present time of trial have united the whole English-speaking family in a Brotherhood of arms. They congratulate the United States Government and Navy on the marvellous achievement involved in the safe transportation to the Battlefields of Europe of the first million soldiers of the American Army. They affirm their Devotion to the noble and righteous cause in which we are fighting, and their faith that, by the help of God, a complete and lasting victory will be won for freedom and Humanity.'

- -

"A great harmony exists between the spirit and language of the Declaration of Independence and all we are fighting for now. A similar harmony exists between the principles of that Declaration and all that the British people have wished to stand for, and have in fact achieved at last both here at home and in the self-governing Dominions of the Crown. (Cheers.) The Declaration of Independence is not only an American document. It follows on the Magna Charta and the Bill of Rights as the third great title-deed on which the liberties of the English-speaking people are founded."

- -

"Wherever men seek to frame politics or constitutions which safeguard the citizen, be he rich or poor, on the one hand from the shame of despotism, on the other from the miseries of anarchy, which combine personal freedom with respect for law and love of country, it is to the inspiration which originally sprang from the English soil and from the Anglo-Saxon mind that they will inevitably recur. "

- -

"The greatest actions of men or nations are spontaneous and instinctive. They do not result from nice calculations or long processes of thought. They happen as if nothing could help them happening. The heart, as the French say, has reasons which the reason does not know. I am persuaded that the finest and worthiest moment in our long British history was reached on that August night, now nearly four years ago, when we declared war on Germany. (Cheers.) Little could we know where it would carry us or what it would bring us. Like the people of the United States, we entered this war without counting the cost and without any thought of reward. The cost has been far more terrible than our most sombre expectations. But a reward is coming to us beyond our dearest hopes."

- -

"One feels in the presence of a great Design of which we can only see a small portion, but which is developing and unfolding swiftly, and of which we are the necessary instruments. No event since the beginning of the Christian era is more likely to strengthen and restore man’s faith in the moral governance of the universe. There is one thing more it is my duty to say. The essential purposes of the war do not admit of compromise. (Loud and prolonged cheers.) If we were fighting for mere territorial gains, or in a dynastic or commercial quarrel, these would no doubt be matters for bargaining. But this war has become a conflict between Christian civilization and scientific barbarism, between nations where peoples own Governments, and nations where the Governments own peoplesbetween systems which faithfully endeavour to quell and quench the brutish, treacherous, predatory promptings of human nature, and a system which deliberately fosters, organizes, arms, and exploits them to its own base aggrandisement. We are all erring mortals. No race, country or individual has a monopoly of good or evil; but this war is nothing less than a conflict between the forces of good and evil. The struggle is between right and wrong, and as such as not capable of any solution which is not absolute. Germany must be beaten. (Loud cheers.) Germany must know that she is beaten, must feel that she is beaten. (Renewed cheers.) Her defeat must be expressed in terms and facts which will for all time deter others from imitating her crimes, and which will make it impossible for her to renew them."

- -

When all those weapons in which they have trusted have broken in their hands, when those preparations on which they lavished their scheming energies of 50 years have failed them, the German people will stand protected by these fundamental principles of right and freedom, against which they will have warred so long in vain. So let us celebrate to-day not only the Declaration of Independence; let us proclaim the true comradeship of Britain and America, to stand together till the work is done, in all perils, in all difficulties, and at all costs, wherever the war may lead us, right to the very end. No compromise on the main purpose; no peace till victory (cheers); no pact with unrepented wrong. That is the declaration of the Fourth of July, 1918.



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    July 4, 1918 Independence Day | Winston S. Churchill, Speech | The Third Great Title-Deed - Anglo-American Liberties


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